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Spring is here! (Well, sorta)

The “Winter one day, Spring the next” weather we’ve been getting reminded me that I forgot to start up my Aerogarden last October. Well, not so much forgot as kept putting it off due to hectic schedules this year. Lazy on my part, since it takes maybe a minute, or two to set the whole thing up.

Do you have a green thumb? I do, but only for outside herbs. Inside herbs last maybe two months and then die a sudden death. It didn’t matter what I tried. Something (too wet, too dry, my cats ate them) always killed them off.

This all changed when I went to hydroponics. Suddenly, I could enjoy fresh herbs indoors all winter long. Moving my herbs upstairs to my craft room and away from my animals also helped. I’ve grown basil, chives, and parsley from a kit in my Aerogarden. Transferred those to outside pots that grew just as well from late Spring to Autumn. I’ve also transferred other outdoor herb cuttings to the Aerogarden with great success.

This time around I’m trying lavender, lemon balm, and lemon mint. The first two grow great outdoors for a while. Then burn off during the hotter summer days. I haven’t found a great place for them thrive in our yard yet. My hope is I can keep them happy in my hydroponics unit.

Want to see how well the plants do? These seeds say they germinate anywhere in 8 to 24 days. I planted them on February 28th. Here they are at 6 A.M. on March 4th. Yes, 4 days later.


Although you can see the tiny leaves in the lavender and lemon balm, all of them had growth. The soil in the lemon mint dropped, but the herbs are growing well.

Here they are again today on March 13th.

aerogarden 3-13

Once they grow too tall for the dome it’s time to remove it. The lemon mint in the back is as tall as the lemon balm in the front. It’s just making it to the paper height though.

I’m concerned the lavender won’t bud, or be as strong as it should be. Time will tell.

So, here’s what I have this time around. I hear we’re due to get a blizzard tonight through Wednesday. At least, I get a little bit of Spring indoors for now.